Order Food Online For Your Office

When you think about a working lunch meeting, what kinds of food pops into your head? Cold sandwiches and pizza? While a free meal is a free meal, we get that sometimes a slice or a sammy just isn’t the most appetizing meal, especially if you’ve been having a lot of working lunches lately. Instead of sending someone out to pick up food, use Restaurant Connection! If you’re in the Oakland County area, our site makes it incredibly easy to order food from dozens of restaurants and have it delivered right to you, all in about an hour. 
Read on to learn about the benefits of ordering food online from Restaurant Connection and then log on and place your order for food from all of your favorite restaurants. Don’t let any office lunch be boring ever again! We deliver from many of the area’s top restaurants, so if you’re in Troy, Warren, Auburn Hills or the surrounding areas, and you need food delivered to your office fast, you can count on us.  

Order From Multiple Restaurants

In addition to being able to choose from dozens of restaurants serving all kinds of food, one of the best parts about choosing Restaurant Connection is that you can order food from multiple restaurants and have it dropped off at the same time. There is no need to try to coordinate delivery times from several different restaurants that are each sending their own delivery people, because Restaurant Connection will pick up all of the food from your order and deliver it at once. This means that your meal can start on time and no one has to feel bad for eating while others are still waiting for their food. 

Order a Single Meal or Catering for 500 People

Whether you are the person always responsible for ordering food for office lunches or you were deputized into making a meal happen, it can be stressful, especially when you have a large group to feed. If you are in need of enough food to feed a group of people, Restaurant Connection is here to help. With our catering services, we take the stress out of the equation. Not only is it incredibly easy to order the food you want, but we will also provide you with disposable plates, cutlery, and serving pans. We will also pick the food up, bring it to you, and perform the setup, all on your schedule. Best of all, our catering services don’t require weeks of advance notice. As long as you let us know what you need by 6 p.m. the day before your meeting, we will make it happen. 

Be the hero at your office by doing something different and ordering food from the place that everyone has been raving about. There is nothing like surprising your team with food delivery from one of their favorite restaurants, especially when everyone is working exceptionally hard to accomplish a difficult task or hit a looming deadline. Having lunch at the office doesn’t have to be a big greasy bummer — trust Restaurant Connection to deliver the food that will boost your team’s morale and their energy levels.
If you know that you have a big office meal coming up or you want to order a last-minute lunch for a small group who is trying to tackle a project, Restaurant Connection is ready to deliver delicious food from many of your favorite restaurants in Oakland County. Log in today, place your order, and get ready to enjoy a great meal delivered to your office for a great low price. Try it today and experience how easy it is!